The Reading List: loved, hated and currently reading

I’ve been lucky to be traveling a lot recently, which of course means loading loading up my kindle with books to read while waiting in the airport, at the train station, in the taxi line, ect….

So here are a few books that I’ve read over the past month and my (highly subjective) reviews of them.

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My Tried-and-true Basics

minimalist closet

I’m definitely a creature of habit, which is sometimes both a blessing and a curse. It also means that I know what I like, so I tend to stick to what works. I try to reduce decision fatigue by avoiding all of those small decisions we make every day, from what I eat for breakfast (granola, greek yogurt, and whatever fruit is in season), to where I drop my coat/keys/bag when I get home at night (wall hook, bar cart and kitchen chair, respectively).

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