Minimalism is a Catalyst


A common misconception people have about minimalism is that it’s all about stuff.

I actually don’t blame them for this opinion, since most of the minimalist blogs out there seem to preoccupy themselves with minimizing their stuff. Which I’m certainly not knocking! It’s a great first step that creates immediate positive feedback, and my inner neat-freak loves a good decluttering post as much as the next person.

However, sometimes people get stalled at this physical level. Sometimes they look around at their newly minimized space and ask, “okay, what now?” I certainly have. The thing about minimalism is that it’s not an end in itself. Minimalism is supposed to be a catalyst for improving everything else in your life.

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How to use a Sass @mixin

One of the questions that I hear a lot is when to use a Sass @mixin vs. an @extend. While this post explains the different use-cases nicely, I thought I’d share an example of when and how I use @mixins to make my life easier.

While you can definitely do some pretty awesome and flashy stuff with @mixins, sometimes it can be hard to see how they would be useful for the more mundane aspects of programming. As I was working on the Haskell Platform today (yes… yes… it’s the project that never ends…) I realized that I most often use @mixins when I have to specify multiple CSS  styles for cross-browser compatibility.

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10 Brands Made in America



Texas Skies Bangle, The 2Bandits $68 / 3/4 Sleeve Wrap Dress, Karen Kane $108 / Laptop Sleeve, S&D $225 / Wayfarer Wrap, Buckley K $128 / Indigo Roll Trouser, First Rite $240 / Floral Silk Tee, Rachel Rose $74 / Bay Street Stripe Shirt, California Tailor $168 / The Simone Highrise Jeans, Industry Standard $95 / Natalie Skirt, Vivian Chan $188 / X’s & O’s Studs, Baleen $44

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Five Piece French Wardrobe: Update #6

One last update before we wrap up the spring/summer season! As I mentioned in my last post, I decided to cross the calf-hair skater shoes off my list since the look had become too trendy for my taste. However, I still wanted to add a pair of fun flats to my wardrobe. I will fully admit that one of my shopping weaknesses is a fun pair of shoes. I love how quickly they can update a basic outfit and they’re my favorite item to shop for, such a cliche right?

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New Accessories Round-Up

My favorite part of the five piece french wardrobe is that accessories are always encouraged. One of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to update your look is by adding a few new accessories into the mix. So while my accessory purchases haven’t been part of my FPFW updates, I wanted to share some of the pieces I have added to my closet over the past six months.

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