How to Be Happier with this One Simple Trick


Learn something new.

Sorry, that title was a little misleading wasn’t it?

The concept is certainly simple: we are happier when we feel as though we are growing as a person. Of course, the execution is the difficult part. Gretchen Rubin explains this concept beautifully in her book: The Happiness Project, which I highly recommend reading. We can fill our days with passive activities such as watching tv. We can also engage in “accommodating activities” such as meeting up with friends for lunch. But we are happiest overall when we engage in intensive activities that force us to grow.

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Style Remix: Denim Vest

It’s been a while since we’ve had one of these hasn’t it? Well here’s a remix of my unexpected summertime hero: the denim vest. I think that denim vests (along with cut-offs) are one of those things that shouldn’t be bought new. I just picked up a nice dark wash denim jacket from the Goodwill and then took off the arms with a seam ripper. Voila! New denim vest for under $5.

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Five Piece French Wardrobe: Update #5

So we’re almost 2/3 of the way through summer and I found two more pieces from my list: my Hasbeens and a new work dress. As you know, I always advocate for buying locally and/or ethically made clothing, but sometimes my budget (or taste, or time…) just doesn’t allow it. So I’m excited to say that these two purchases are ethical and local! I love it when things work out.

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Defeating the Scarcity Mindset


I recently read an article in the New York Times: “the Mental Strain of Making Do with Less”  and found it a fascinating look into how scarcity effects our mental capacity.

To summarize, it says that when people have a scarcity mindset, whether it’s because of a diet, a deadline, or an empty bank account, it reduces their mental bandwidth and impulse control significantly. We have a finite amount of mental power, and an environment of scarcity taxes our reserves.

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Haskell Platform Redesign

One of my most recent side projects has been working on a redesign for the Haskell platform. It’s definitely been an interesting project and I’d like to share a bit of the design process.

Just a quick detour though to talk about the Haskell community. Most of the programming communities that I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of are awesome and full of amazing people. However, if I had to give out an award for the most welcoming, friendly, and patient group, Haskell would have to win hands down. Once you get past the slight social awkwardness and reserved personalities, they are a great and absolutely brilliant group of people.

I’m a front-end developer and personally don’t use Haskell, but I have a few friends who are a part of this group and have dropped in on their hackathon and a few meetings (btw, thanks for the pizza and beer guys!). So when they decided to redesign the Haskell platform site, my friends asked me to throw my hat into the ring. Not surprisingly, there aren’t many designers in Haskell, so I was asked to help out.

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8 Non-Boring and HR Approved Workwear Pieces

Culottes, ASOS $58 / Wendy Dress, Corilynn $148 / Polka Dot Knot Top, Rachel Rose $168 / Lindsey Short Necklace, Loren Hope $78 / Opal d’Orsay Pumps, Sam Edelman $100 / The Always Top, AYR $150 / Desert Clouds Scarf, Moorea Seal $100 / Bauhaus Earrings, In God We Trust $144 

I work a nine to five (okay, who am I kidding, it’s usually a 9-6:30) so there is no separation between my “fun wardrobe” and my “workwear wardrobe” beyond a pair of denim cutoffs and my chuck taylors. It just doesn’t make sense for me to buy clothing that I’m only going to be able to wear maybe twice a week.

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Building a Website with Sass and Compass: Part 1

After learning Sass for the past year, I’ve realized that at this point I have been using it for every one of my projects, and I can’t imagine going back to vanilla CSS.

At the moment, one of my side projects is re-coding my website and doing a little house cleaning in the design department while I’m at it. It’s pretty much a classic case of the “shoe-maker’s children have no shoes”. Everyone else’s website gets some love except for my own, which hasn’t been updated in years. So I’m taking the time now to re-do my website using SassCompass and the North standards that I have been using at NBC.

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