Visualized Conference Recap

I had the pleasure of attending this year’s Visualized conference in New York, which is a conference about data visualization. As a front-end developer I spend a lot of time working with designers on data visualizations (aka charts and graphs) so while I’m not a data scientist myself, I’m still very interested in the topic. There were so many inspiring speakers over the two days, but I wanted to share a few that I found inspiring, amusing or just plain interesting.

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Ebay Shopping Hack

I thought this “hack” was so obvious that it didn’t even deserve the title, but after sharing it with a few friends it’s apparently not as obvious as I thought. So just in case this can help anyone else save a little cash and become more eco-friendly, I’ll share how I shop secondhand when I don’t have the time to trawl thrift stores everyday.

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New Birthday Traditions


Gifts can be a constant struggle if you’re trying to live a more minimalist lifestyle. On the one hand, I’ve never been one for sentimentality and I prefer to show my affection through words and actions rather than through things. But on the other hand, I have family and friends who primarily show their love through gifts and obviously these relationships are important to me.

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10 Brands Made in America

Made in America

Algarve Asymmetrical Dress, Loup Charmant $280 / Tooth Pin, Prize $15 / “The Viaggi” Lace-up Booties, M. Gemi $278 / “NO. 23HR113412D” High-waisted Jeans, Re/Done $256 / The Fold-over Clutch, Jamie + the Jones $160 / ‘Francoise’ Nautical Long Sleeve Top, Amour Vert $88 / Crackle in Sea Green Pillow, Made of Cloth $169 / Wrap Jacket, Titania Inglis $795 / Boyfriend Blazer in Knit Tweed, Toggery $110 / ‘Beatrice’ Watercolor Floral Silk Tee, Bonmot $158

Another round-up of companies that are made in America or otherwise have fair labor practices. The one exception to the American rule for this round-up is M. Gemi, which is manufactured in Italy.

Also I was excited to find two brands that are doing some really interesting things with upcycling and deadstock. Re/Done upcycles old Levi jeans (sometimes with a few minor alterations, sometimes just reusing the fabric in its entirety) for modern customers, and Titania Inglis’s Wrap Jacket is made from deadstock wool fabric meant for NYPD uniforms. It’s always great to see these kinds of innovations in the fashion industry.

Click here for more brands made in America.

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New Apps and Gadgets Review: Lumo and Anki

I probably could have waited until I shared my five favorite things for fall to share two new apps that I’ve been playing around with, but I just couldn’t wait that long.
I really enjoy trying out new apps and gadgets when they come out on the market (and if they’re open-source, even better!) but there are very few that I actually incorporate into my day-to-day life. So you know that these two are pretty good since they both made the cut.

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