Why Designers Should Know How to Code

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Whether or not designers should know how to code is an argument that’s been raging for the past few years. While there are lots of articles and posts that vehemently support both sides of the argument, I figured I’d add in my two cents since I’ve not only taught members of our UX and design team how to program, but have also worked on projects with both coding designers and non-coding designers. I’ve had a chance to really appreciate both sides of the argument, with all other variables being equal, and I’m afraid that I’m firmly in the pro-coding designers camp.

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Style Remix: Holiday Dress

I have a few holiday parties coming up, with dress codes running the gamut from a Sunday afternoon brunch to a cocktail hour party. I did a quick scan through my closet to make sure I had everything I needed, and soon realized that all of my outfits involved the same Karina dress. So if you have holiday parties coming up and really don’t want to go shopping, here are three ways of remixing one dress for three different dress codes.

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8 Minimalist Holiday Gift Ideas


The holidays are here, which means spending time with family and friends, indulging in traditions and (for most of us) lots of food and gifts. I’ll take that second helping of pecan pie, please and thank you, but I usually try to avoid most of the “stuff” that comes with the holidays.

Unfortunately, I don’t feel comfortable enough to suggest a “no gifting” policy for the holidays. My own family isn’t very big on presents either and my extended family doesn’t expect any, since we would all go bankrupt getting presents for my forty cousins. However, a few of my friends and my boyfriend’s family show their affection through gifts, and would be very upset by a ban on presents.

So if you’re in a similar situation, here are eight ideas for minimalist gifts that my own family has enjoyed in the past and that the gift-givers in my circle love as well.

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Minimalism is a Catalyst


A common misconception people have about minimalism is that it’s all about stuff.

I actually don’t blame them for this opinion, since most of the minimalist blogs out there seem to preoccupy themselves with minimizing their stuff. Which I’m certainly not knocking! It’s a great first step that creates immediate positive feedback, and my inner neat-freak loves a good decluttering post as much as the next person.

However, sometimes people get stalled at this physical level. Sometimes they look around at their newly minimized space and ask, “okay, what now?” I certainly have. The thing about minimalism is that it’s not an end in itself. Minimalism is supposed to be a catalyst for improving everything else in your life.

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How to use a Sass @mixin

One of the questions that I hear a lot is when to use a Sass @mixin vs. an @extend. While this post explains the different use-cases nicely, I thought I’d share an example of when and how I use @mixins to make my life easier.

While you can definitely do some pretty awesome and flashy stuff with @mixins, sometimes it can be hard to see how they would be useful for the more mundane aspects of programming. As I was working on the Haskell Platform today (yes… yes… it’s the project that never ends…) I realized that I most often use @mixins when I have to specify multiple CSS  styles for cross-browser compatibility.

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10 Brands Made in America



Texas Skies Bangle, The 2Bandits $68 / 3/4 Sleeve Wrap Dress, Karen Kane $108 / Laptop Sleeve, S&D $225 / Wayfarer Wrap, Buckley K $128 / Indigo Roll Trouser, First Rite $240 / Floral Silk Tee, Rachel Rose $74 / Bay Street Stripe Shirt, California Tailor $168 / The Simone Highrise Jeans, Industry Standard $95 / Natalie Skirt, Vivian Chan $188 / X’s & O’s Studs, Baleen $44

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