Style Remix: Kenneth Cole Over the Knee Boots

over the knee boots outfit

‘Stay Idol’ Over the Knee Boots, Kenneth Cole $300 / Demi Curve Skinny Jeans, Levi’s $98 / Cashmere Crew, Everlane $120 / Chloe Small Stud Earrings, Gorjana Griffin $35 / Oxford Button Down, American Apparel $72 / Catherine Street Pippa Purse, Kate Spade $398

Usually I use these outfit remixes as a chance to online window shop guilt-free. However, I happen to already own everything in this outfit post, except for the purse. I have the Shelby Grant Park purse from Kate Spade, which is unfortunately sold out, but it looks similar. Isn’t it a great feeling when you see something pretty, think “that ___ is perfect”, and then realize you already own it?

Anyway, if you have seen me around Brooklyn lately, chances are I was wearing this. I love this outfit: simple and classic with a pair of kick-ass boots.

So let’s talk over the knee boots. I had bought a test pair four years ago to see if I liked the trend enough to splurge on a nice pair. I wore those boots into the ground and I have been searching for a quality pair of OTK boots for the past two years. They needed to be leather, black, with no hardware, have a mid to kitten heel, have an almond toe and be under $400. Obviously this was not an easy task, but Kenneth Cole finally delivered (and I even got them for 70% off 🙂 ). These babies are both beautiful and incredibly comfortable. I have worn them a few times already and so far I highly recommend them.

My only complaint is that they were also designed for the top to fold down. I really dislike the folded over look, and so am considering taking them to the cobbler to have the back sewn up. Also that the leather looks a little “dusty”, but that seems to be going away the more that I wear them in.

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2 Responses to Style Remix: Kenneth Cole Over the Knee Boots

  1. I love the combination of the pale blue shirt and the pink earrings. Just colourful enough, but not super bright (Which, of course, I totally advocate, but it can be nice to mix it up).
    I’ve always thought over the knee boots were a bit too risque, but this looks very wearable.

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