Five Piece French Wardrobe: Update #3

For those of you who are just joining, I’ve been testing out the five piece french wardrobe for the past six months, and so far so good. If you are wondering what the five piece french wardrobe method is or just want to start at the beginning, you can check it out here.

My experience so far… 

While this experiment might be a radical shift of behavior for some people, I really haven’t changed my shopping habits that much. The only difference I have found is that I’m explicitly putting five things onto a list, while before I usually had a general idea in my head of what I wanted to find. This meant that sometimes I bought more than five “special” pieces, sometimes less. Even though I’m shopping less, it hasn’t been painful and I wouldn’t mind making this a regular habit.

As for my fall/winter list, although it’s too bad that I (still) couldn’t find my leopard coat or a pair of ankle boots, I won’t put them on my spring and summer list since it’s even less likely that I will find them during the warmer seasons.

Here is what I did wind up buying over the last six months (not including replacing basics and a few new accessories, of course):


I have to say that the sweater and d’orsay flats have been in regular rotation and great buys. The slip dress hasn’t been in my closet long enough to tell, but I’m sure it will fit right in!

For spring and summer my list of five things are:

Swedish Hasbeens Braided High Red Sandals 

A little specific right? I snagged a pair of these at a sample sale a few years ago, but they were just a little too small. I loved them so much that I wound up wearing them a ton anyway, and just recently I gave up and donated them. I finally admitted that having my toes hanging off the edge of my sandals is not a cute look, no matter how much I like the sandals :/
I think it’s time to just pony up for full price and buy them in the right size.

Silk Dress

We always get a few 100 degree days during the summer here in NYC, but even if it’s 102 degrees that’s still not an excuse to show skin at work (the morning subway commute is a whole different story though, it’s all about survival…). I have enough jersey dresses that I can’t consider this a basic. So I’m considering it an expansion of my current work-dress capsule, because there’s nothing that keeps you cool and dry in muggy city summers like silk. I would love to find a work appropriate, royal blue or pink, possibly patterned, silk dress.

Brown Leather Tote

I love my little black Kate Spade purse, but I would like a lighter option to go with warmer weather outfits. Also I like to have a bigger purse in the summer for stashing emergency books, snacks and a blanket for impromptu park lounging. Hey, we only get three nice months a year, you have to make the most of them! I’m looking for a tote that’s a beige or cognac color, leather, larger than 12″x 12″, with very clean lines and no ornamentation. So far I’ve had my eye on a few Coach totes, including the Legacy Turnlock tote and the Madison East/West tote. Now if I could only find them in the right color…

Slouchy Trousers

While skinny jeans and trousers have been a mainstay in fashion for the past few years, it’s been nice to see wide-leg trousers having a moment. Of course, my interest is also of a practical nature. A pair of slouchy wide-leg trousers would be perfect for work-wear during the summer. Ventilation + professional = must-have. I’d love either a pair of proper wide leg trousers or perhaps an ankle-length slouchy style in silk. I’m not sure which one would look better on my body-type so I’ll just have to shop around.

Skater Shoes

My Converse all-stars have been my standard weekend shoes since forever, but I’m really loving the look of the skater shoes that have been trending recently. My first pick would be those beautiful Celine versions, however my bank account disagrees. I have my eyes on these Steve Madden Eccentric sneakers instead. At $110 they are much more reasonable for trying out a trendy style.

Tell me, what’s on your wishlist for spring and summer? 

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6 Responses to Five Piece French Wardrobe: Update #3

  1. Kali says:

    It’s very interesting to see your wishlist for the season, it sounds very much in line with your style – or what you have shown of your style on the blog anyway. It seems you already have a pretty good idea about where to find these items, which is great (I never know where to start when i’m looking at specific items).

    This year, my personal challenge is to make the most of my wardrobe – I have dug up some items that I set aside during my editing challenge 2 years ago but didn’t get rid of yet, and decided to give them all the chances possible by wearing them in many different ways this season, before giving up on those I really can’t do anything with.

    New acquisitions would include a light, classy but simple dress which could be used at a wedding I have this summer, but also for summer days at work or nights out. I’d also like to get a high quality pair of leather sandals. I got a great pair from Madewell last year, but I doubt the quality will allow me to wear it another season. Unfortunately I’m far from having as precise an idea of what I want compared to your list. Good luck on finding the items you’re looking for 🙂

    • Erin says:

      Thank you! Ah, I love weddings, although some of the strangest wedding etiquette I ever heard was to not wear the same dress to two different weddings. Only wearing a pretty dress once seems like such a waste to me.

  2. Also Erin says:

    love your blog. Thought this tote might interest you, hand made in Poland. The cognac is beautiful, you can get 9″ drop on handles. Not made in China. Special investment (ish).

    Happy Spring

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